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BABAC® tire chains are built from 10B21 Through Hardened Boron Alloy steel, with a uniform hardness and tensile strength throughout. Extensive tests and field experience have shown that BABAC® tire chains wear longer, more uniformly, and without breakage associated with case hardened products. [read more]

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Pewag CL97S Alloy Truck Tire Chains

AWR #2900-417 | MFR #CL97S

by Pewag-Terrier

Square-link, alloy steel chains are extra durable and provide superior grip in snow and ice. The diagonal chain pattern creates a smooth ride while providing excellent traction. TITANGrip steel provides excellent wear and durability Diagonal pattern delivers superb forward, lateral and stopping traction, as well as a smooth ride Easy installation - no need to… [read more]

$ 429.00

Tire Chains

Tire chains for trucks and heavy equipment is another one of our specialities. We represent Trygg, Pewag, Babac, Quality and Laclede chain manufacturers. We can drop ship direct to you from the factory.

Any size Truck, loader, grader, skid steer, tractor or forklift in square alloy, studded, V-bar and cable patterns. If we don't have what you need in made up sets, we can custom assemble on our special chain fabrication table. We carry replacement cross chains, side rails, pliers and fasteners so you can repair at your shop.


Arctic Wire, Rope & Supply focuses on high quality products made in the USA.
We are one of the largest distributors in the Pacific Northwest of Crosby Products, Bridon American Wire Rope, Continental Western Cordage & Rope and Laclede Chain. We have nation-wide shipping options for all products

What We Do-

Arctic Wire Rope and Supply is Alaska's longest established and largest manufacturer of slings, chokers and bridles made of wire rope, cable, nylon web, polyester round and grade 10 chain. We do it all right here in Anchorage and were awarded the Alaskan Manufacturer of the Year in 2006.