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Rental Cable Railing Crimp Tool & Cutter

AWR #9800-440 | MFR #E0113-H600

by Suncor

*How the rental program works* Rental rate is $80 for the first week then $40 per each additional week, this price includes freight both ways. The rate starts as soon as USPS confirms the package has been delivered (tracking information will be provided to the corresponding PayPal account). The rate ends as soon as the… [read more]

$ 248.57
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Finally, a good crimper, made in the USA that you can rent or buy. See the rental tool under the cable railing tab. [read more]

$ 217.50

These are great little cutters made in the USA! We used to sell import copies of the Felco C7 cutters, considered the best in the industry but these are much better quality at the same price as the import copies. We cut a lot of cable and the guys in our shop like them better… [read more]

$ 31.07

1/8" 1x19 Type 316 Stainless Steel Deck Railing Cable in 500' & 1000' Reels

AWR #200-98 | MFR #185119

by Arctic Wire Rope and Supply

Type 316 Stainless Steel and 1x19 construction make this the most corrosion resistant with less stretch for cable railing jobs. This cable is strictly for straight runs, no bends. **7x7 or 7x19 construction available and better for bending around corners.** [read more]

$ 148.50

With this quick connect fitting on one end and a male threaded stud the other, the installer can do everything on site. Just barely thread the nut on the stud, slide the QC fitting on, while holding the fitting pull out all the slack, tighten the nut on the other end and cut off the… [read more]

$ 14.99
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Use with the quick connect fitting on one end and this male threaded stud the other, the installer can do everything on site. Crimp the sleeve end of the fitting three times after inserting the cable with the cable rail crimp tool. Just barely thread the nut on the stud, slide the QC fitting on,… [read more]

$ 5.94

Slides onto cable and then crimp three times with the cable rail crimp tool. Other end screws into wood upright for cable railing [read more]

$ 4.50

Can be Hand Crimped in the field and can pivot 180 degrees. Gives great flexibility if cable is not running 90 degrees to the uprights, as in stairwells. [read more]

$ 12.00

The cap slides on the back side of the quick connect fitting after the excess cable is cut off so no sharp wires are exposed. [read more]

$ 4.50

This end cap finishes off the project nicely by covering the ends of the cable, so no safety concerns and looks great [read more]

$ 4.05

Cable & Deck Railing

Cable railing has become the standard in safety and aesthetics for decks, stairways and lofts inside or out that gives you an unobstructed view. Now with special thin walled end fitting you can do it all right on the spot.

We now have Do-it-Yourself kits you can rent with the purchase of the cable and fittings so you can do the job in the comfort of your home or business AND save on the installation costs. It's never been easier or cheaper...


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