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Stanley GT18B10M Hydraulic Power unit-New in Crate


by Stanley Tools

Stanley is the premier manufacturer of both underwater & above ground hydraulic power tools. This unit is a brand new, heavy duty model that can be rolled around like a wheel barrow. Features: All electric control system with rotary switches All components are assembled for easy routine servicing Upper frame can be removed for more… [read more]

$ 6,495.00
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Shipping protection for heavy-duty machinery, large parts and bulky items. Long-term reusable, returnable. Save on return freight and storage. Corners interlock for quick set up and added stability. Two access doors with spring-loaded latches. 4-way forklift access. Ventilated bottom. Collapsible and stackable - Stacks up to 4 high. FDA compliant. Optional Lid      … [read more]

$ 495.00
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1-1/4" - 6 link *USA* Tail Chain

AWR #400-4205 | MFR #n/a

Normally this comes as a 7-link item, but in order to ship this via USPS we have to cut off a link. If you want all 7 links attached, please call in your order 907-562-0707 [read more]

$ 1,178.00

New military surplus at 20% of what the DOD paid for them in the original crates. These are unique fuel tanks as they are built to withstand rough usage. They can be slung from helicopters four at a time by hooking on the the two shackles on either side of the drum. Also they can… [read more]

$ 999.00
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NSN 4010-01-200-1506, Oshkosh #1452490.  New surplus extremely heavy duty US made chain assembly for the military. [read more]

$ 295.00
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4" Dia x 12" Cir. Samson Double Braid Nylon-New Surplus

AWR #180-140 | MFR #4DBN

by Samson Cordage

[read more]

$ 37.20
$ 999.00
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These are new unused military surplus 30 ton manual 10 part chain hoists made by Budgit Hoist in the USA. The Bugit line is now part of the C-M Hoist Family [read more]

$ 11,000.00
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Surplus 15 Ton Chain Hoist/Fall w/ 12' Lift

AWR #6500-92 | MFR #15CHS

by Elephant Brand (Japan)

This is a 15 ton 5 part manual chain hoist with little use. Hoist will be tested to 125% capacity before shipment.   [read more]

$ 1,200.00
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10,000 Gallon New Collapsible Fuel Tank w/ Liner NSN 5430-00-052-3412

AWR #5400-00-052-3412 | MFR #GTA ATPD2266 Collapsible Fuel Tank

by GTA Collapsible Containers

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$ 3,795.00
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$ 125.00

Renfroe BD Rebuild/Repair Kit

AWR #1000-1550 | MFR #1/2-BD-RK

by Renfroe Plate Clamps

One left of the 1 ton. (SOLD) One left of the 1/2 ton. (we will not be restocking this item) [read more]

$ 104.55
$ 60.00
$ 699.00
$ 349.00
$ 123.75
$ 100.00
$ 85.63

Polyester Round sling 8' (25,000 LB vertical)


by Arctic Wire Rope and Supply

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$ 150.00

Carabiner Non Locking, Type X, PETZL, NSN 8465-01-578-8906 *SOLD OUT*

AWR #8465-01-578-8906

by New-US Military Surplus

From the fires of Crolles to the US Army comes the PETZL Type X Carabiner! The DOD is selling their surplus (unused) items again, and you could be the lucky new owner of this amazing item. Commissioned by the US Army, these carabiners are a step above your standard Carabiner with a 4kN higher rating… [read more]

$ 9.95
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This unit is for swaging eyes into wire rope or cable to make slings, chokers and bridles for securing or lifting loads. Use aluminum hourglass sleeves for galvanized and bright wire rope. Use copper sleeves for stainless steel wire rope. [read more]

$ 4,695.00

10,000# (NSN 1670-01-027-2902) has 4 each 7/8” x 11’ double braid nylon rope legs w/ molded polymer eyes into a special large aluminum shackle & on bottom 4 each 3/8” G-80 x 4’ lifting chains with special adjustable grab hooks. Each leg is rated at 2500# and can be used as singles. 25,000# (NSN 1670-01-027-2900)… [read more]

$ 1,995.00

500 Ton Crosby Shackle, G-2160 Wide Body *Special Price* #1021343

AWR #500WBS | MFR #1021343

by Crosby Group & McKissick Block

Crosby 500 ton  G-2160 Wide Body shackle w/ safety bolts are the standard for safety and reliability for heavy lifts throughout the world . Crosby is the unquestioned leader in oilfield and heavy construction rigging.  The wide anchor pattern body allows loading of multiple slings while supporting the sling eyes so as not to damage… [read more]

$ 8,750.00
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400 Ton Crosby Shackle, G-2160 Wide Body *Special Price*

AWR #600-465 | MFR #1021334

by Crosby Group & McKissick Block

Crosby 400 ton  G-2160 Wide Body shackles w/ safety bolts are super strong and smaller than a standard pallet. Crosby is the unquestioned leader in oilfield and heavy construction rigging, especially  for heavy lifts. The wide anchor pattern body allows loading of multiple slings while supporting the sling eyes so as not to damage them.… [read more]

$ 6,750.00
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8” Heavy Duty Wire Rope Snatch Block w/ Swivel Hook NSN 3940-00-105-9933

AWR #8SH | MFR #3940-00-105-9933

by Skookum/Ulven Forge

[read more]

$ 395.00

Miscellaneous & Surplus Items

We often pick up new or lightly used military surplus and can offer very good pricing. Collapsible fuel tanks, large diameter rope, 15-30 ton chain hoists and helicopter cargo nets.

Presently we have a 500 & 20,000 gallon collapsible fuel tanks, 15 &30 ton chain hoists/falls, 4' dia (12"cir.) double braid Samson nylon rope, 18' x18' 10,000 lb capacity octagon cargo nets.


Arctic Wire, Rope & Supply focuses on high quality products made in the USA.
We are one of the largest distributors in the Pacific Northwest of Crosby Products, Bridon American Wire Rope, Continental Western Cordage & Rope and Laclede Chain. We have nation-wide shipping options for all products

What We Do-

Arctic Wire Rope and Supply is Alaska's longest established and largest manufacturer of slings, chokers and bridles made of wire rope, cable, nylon web, polyester round and grade 10 chain. We do it all right here in Anchorage and were awarded the Alaskan Manufacturer of the Year in 2006.