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Bruce Style, Claw Anchor

AWR #2400-570 | MFR #7BA

by PRC

Claw style anchors are relatively inexpensive and work well in most conditions. They stow easily on a bow roller.   [read more]

$ 22.05

Galvanized Danforth Style Anchor

AWR #2400-500 | MFR #13A

by PRC

13# up to 30’ boat use with 4’ of ¼” chain 16# up to 35’ boat use with 5’ of 5/16” chain 22# up to 38’ boat use with 5’ of 5/16” chain 40# up to 43’ boat use with 6’ of ⅜” chain 65# up to 52’ boat use 8’ of ½” chain 85#… [read more]

$ 31.00

Danforth & Navy Stockless Style Black Anchors

AWR #2400-400 | MFR #100A

by PRC

Danforth and Navy (also known as Stockless) are very common for 50' plus ships. Danforth or LWT anchors are very good at holding in different bottoms and Stockless are much shorter or lower profile so can be hung the the ships side for storage. [read more]

$ 202.80
$ 799.00

¾” & 1” Galvanized Forged No Wrench Screw Anchor

AWR #1000-310 | MFR #34GSA

by Hubbell Power Systems

The ¾” with 6” plates have a 6500# holding capacity in class 5 soils, can use up to 400# of torque The 1” with 8” plates have a 11,000# holding capacity in class 5 soils, can use up to 1000# of torque [read more]

$ 36.57
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Gr-30 Galvanized Proof Coil Chain

AWR #2200-40 | MFR #143G

by PRC

Hot dipped Galvanized Grade 3 (30) proof coil chain is the most common anchor chain for boats. We also stock Gr-4 ISO high test galvanized chain in ¼”, 5/16” & ⅜”  with shorter links for windlass winches as well as ⅜” BBB proof coil. [read more]

$ 1.21

ISO G-43 Galvanized Windlass Chain

AWR #2200-185 | MFR #144G

by PRC

ISO Hot Galvanized grade-43 chain is the standard for windlass boat winches including Lewmar. It is twice as strong as normal proof coil & BBB anchor chain. We can splice this onto 8-plait or 3-strand nylon line, just let us know the combination of chain and rope your after. See our rope & cordage section [read more]

$ 2.42
$ 5.95
$ 3.93

Grade 2 Stud Link Anchor Chain

AWR #2400-10 | MFR #34SLAC

by PRC

    [read more]

$ 12.69

Commercial Fishing

Our commercial fishing gear starts with boat anchors to 3,000 lbs., galvanized and stainless anchor chain & wire rope, galvanized rope and cable blocks, buoys, totes, tubs & stud-link anchor chain. For rope and line please see our rope & cordage category.

We import our Chain, Rope, Bruce, Danforth style anchors and stainless hardware direct from overseas. Our buoys are Norfloat brand made by Mondo in Ohio. Our totes are from Smak and Bonar.


Arctic Wire, Rope & Supply focuses on high quality products made in the USA.
We are one of the largest distributors in the Pacific Northwest of Crosby Products, Bridon American Wire Rope, Continental Western Cordage & Rope and Laclede Chain. We have nation-wide shipping options for all products

What We Do-

Arctic Wire Rope and Supply is Alaska's longest established and largest manufacturer of slings, chokers and bridles made of wire rope, cable, nylon web, polyester round and grade 10 chain. We do it all right here in Anchorage and were awarded the Alaskan Manufacturer of the Year in 2006.