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$ 559.50

10/15 Ton Jaw x Jaw AS-2 Crosby Angular Contact Bearing Swivel #1016157 NSN 4030-01-450-9549

AWR #NSN#4030-01-450-9549 | MFR #crosby 1016157

by Crosby Group & McKissick Block

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$ 2,095.00

1-1/4" - 6 link *USA* Tail Chain

AWR #400-4205 | MFR #n/a

Normally this comes as a 7-link item, but in order to ship this via USPS we have to cut off a link. If you want all 7 links attached, please call in your order 907-562-0707 [read more]

$ 400.00

Wide Mouth Alloy Shackles by Van Beest-Safety Bolt Style G-4263

AWR #600-97 | MFR #7/8" G-4263

by Van Beest/Excel Rigging Hardware

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$ 36.50
$ 55.08
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Socket Lock for Wire Rope Spelter Sockets

AWR #400-1920 | MFR #250SL

by Wirop/Socket-Lock

Socket-Lock Resin for socketing wire rope is newly formulated after extensive testing for better wire rope grip. Packaged in environmentally protected pouches and rust-free plastic pails to ensure product freshness. Disposable pouring funnel included in each kit eliminates spills. Bright green resin and white hardener makes mixing easy to verify. Packaged in CCs and individually… [read more]

$ 51.75
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$ 234.90

Horizontal Plate Lifting Clamps IP/Crosby Model 3 Ton-IPH10E

AWR #1000-470 | MFR #3 IPH10E

by Crosby Group & McKissick Block

The famous Inter Products Brand is now owned by Crosby & the quality carries on. These robust clamps have a 10 year life guarantee and spare parts are always available. [read more]

$ 862.08

Container Lifting Hooks, Locking lug Style (Set of 4) C-M CLB-40 Ton

AWR #1000-1700 | MFR #CLB 40

by C-M Chain & Rigging Hardware

A very heavy duty set of van or container lifting lugs with easy activating spring locks that can be quickly released but very secure when engaged.  Rated at 80,000 lbs for the set and every one is tested to 2 times the working load limit at the factory. [read more]

$ 890.12

Crosby Shur-loc Self Locking Hooks S-1316

AWR #400-3305 | MFR #516SLH

by Crosby Group & McKissick Block

Without question, Crosby is the industry leader in lifting and rigging hardware. These hooks can be used on grade 8 and grade 10 chain slings as well as wire rope, round and web slings. They are easy to operate with an enlarged thumb access (see photo) yet is still recessed protecting the trigger from possible… [read more]

$ 103.46

Rigging Hardware

Rigging Products covers shackles, cable clips, turnbuckles, hooks of many kinds, plate clamps, swivels, wire rope sockets, socket resin, thimbles and sleeves or swages. These products are to complement sling & crane lifting of all kinds.

Crosby is by far our biggest supplier in this group but other suppliers are C-M, Chicago, Esco, Muncy, Terrier & Van Beest. We also have duplicate inventory in low cost import products if you do not want domestic products.


Arctic Wire, Rope & Supply focuses on high quality products made in the USA.
We are one of the largest distributors in the Pacific Northwest of Crosby Products, Bridon American Wire Rope, Continental Western Cordage & Rope and Laclede Chain. We have nation-wide shipping options for all products

What We Do-

Arctic Wire Rope and Supply is Alaska's longest established and largest manufacturer of slings, chokers and bridles made of wire rope, cable, nylon web, polyester round and grade 10 chain. We do it all right here in Anchorage and were awarded the Alaskan Manufacturer of the Year in 2006.