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It may seem obvious, but the reason stainless steel chain lasts so much longer and is more expensive than galvanized steel chain is that it is a type of steel and not just a thin coating on carbon steel. So even as the chain wears over time with use, the corrosion resistance is the same… [read more]

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Grade 2 Stud Link Anchor Chain

AWR #2400-10 | MFR #34SLAC

by PRC

    [read more]

$ 17.87

Durabilt Recoil-less Lever Chain Binder

AWR #2500-110 | MFR #DBX-6600

by Durabilt Cargo Control

Durabilt by Durbin is a high quality US importer that designs and engineers their products in house. [read more]

$ 56.08

Grade 70 Gold Transport Chain

AWR #2200-260 | MFR #5167

by PRC

Gr 70 Transport chain is 22% stronger than Gr 40 High test allowing you to use a smaller size making easier to handle and toss over loads. Premade 20’ binder chains also in stock with grab hooks attached. While it is an alloy chain, it is not approved for over head lifting as it hasn't… [read more]

$ 3.00

ISO Hot Galvanized grade-43 chain is the standard for windlass boat winches including Lewmar. It is twice as strong as normal proof coil & BBB anchor chain. We can splice this onto 8-plait or 3-strand nylon line, just let us know the combination of chain and rope your after. See our rope & cordage section [read more]

$ 2.95

Gr-30 Hot Galvanized Proof Coil Chain

AWR #2200-40 | MFR #143G

by PRC

Hot dipped Galvanized Grade 3 (30) proof coil chain is the most common anchor chain for boats. We also stock Gr-4 ISO high test galvanized chain in ¼”, 5/16” & ⅜”  with shorter links for windlass winches as well as ⅜” BBB proof coil. [read more]

$ 1.71

G-7 or Grade 70 are 22% stronger than high test for the same size. Gold chromate coating is standard. Recommended that they be used with safety releasing lever load binders or ratchet load binders. [read more]

$ 118.49

1/2” High Strength Lashing Chain is the industry standard for securing containers on barges and steam ships. It’s long wide link allows great flexibility in the hardware that can be used. 3/4” & 7/8"  shackles can be pinned and dipped mid link. [read more]

$ 5.74