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3-Strand Twisted Nylon Rope

AWR #1500-05 | MFR #3166N

3 strand nylon has good abrasion resistance, great stretch but still good memory and is easy to splice. It will hockel because its such a soft fiber, so we stock it mostly in a medium to firm lay. If you want a great jerk rope for stuck vehicles, we really recommend double braid nylon. It… [read more]

$ 39.00

High strength co-extrusion polyolefin has better UV and abrasion resistance than regular poly pro. It comes in royal blue, it is comparable to Samson Polytron and CWC Blue Steel Poly. [read more]

$ 139.40
$ 1,650.00
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2” x 200’ Samson Quantum-12 Dyneema **Special Price**

MFR #Q-12 2D LM GRN 200’ 5’CEEE

by Samson Cordage

Quantum-12 is a lightweight, high-strength, floating rope that can grip on a capstan or H-bitt. The patented DPXTM fiber technology provides superior abrasion and cut resistance, but with a higher coefficient of friction than other high modulus polyethylene ropes. The 12-strand construction provides added flexibility, improved handling, and easy splicing. The vivid green Samthane coating… [read more]

$ 6,900.00
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Cordage & Rope

Our rope and cordage caters mostly to commercial fishing and boating in general but we have a huge selection in sizes and types. We also make very nice double braid jerk lines up to 2” diameter but lower cost than Bubba Ropes.

Another speciality is our double braid polyester lines for utility boom trucks in ⅞”,1” & 1-⅛” with dipped rubber eyes for longer wear. We carry Super Blue Danline (Blue Steel Poly) in 3 strand up to 2” dia. and in 8-braid 1-½” to 3” dia.

This year we have Dyneema (UHMWPE) 3/16”-¾” and plan to expand up to 1-¼” in high-vis orange and now make our own soft shackles, I think you'll like our prices.


Arctic Wire, Rope & Supply focuses on high quality products made in the USA.
We are one of the largest distributors in the Pacific Northwest of Crosby Products, Bridon American Wire Rope, Continental Western Cordage & Rope and Laclede Chain. We have nation-wide shipping options for all products

What We Do-

Arctic Wire Rope and Supply is Alaska's longest established and largest manufacturer of slings, chokers and bridles made of wire rope, cable, nylon web, polyester round and grade 10 chain. We do it all right here in Anchorage and were awarded the Alaskan Manufacturer of the Year in 2006.